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Content Marketing Is The Key to Success

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

“Content is Key” is an easy statement to make but not necessarily an easy one to understand for anyone who doesn’t specialize in the marketing field. Let’s talk about what content marketing is and how much it affects your business positively...

What’s Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is at the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns. Content marketing is, “ a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain customers and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.” Creating the perfect content for your business is essential for success in sales as well as exposure of your brand. The key to being successful with content marketing is knowing your target audience well and making sure the content has a specific goal related to educating, entertaining and engaging your audience. This engagement leads them to perform a specific action, such as following your social media accounts, clicking on your website or purchasing your goods/services.

Why Should Businesses Use Content Marketing?

In today’s busy digital world, it’s important that businesses work to build trust with their leads and customers. Building trust can help your business establish a positive brand image. The number one factor that helps customers trust your brand is great content. When customers read and watch your content, they start to build an opinion of your brand. The more value you can provide with your content, the easier it will be to build trust with your customers.

Another importance of content marketing is how big of a role it plays in helping your business build and improve search engine optimization (SEO). SEO plays an important role in improving visibility for your website. According to Tech Client, content creation is the most effective SEO technique.

Here are a few statistics that prove the importance of content marketing:

  • Content marketing provides conversion rates about 6 times higher than other digital marketing methods. (ABG Essentials)

  • According to 74% of companies surveyed, content marketing has increased their marketing leads, both in quantity and quality. (Curata)

  • Video content can help provide a great ROI and significantly increase conversions, according to 72% of businesses surveyed.

Content Marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to entertain, engage and educate your target audience. By establishing your brand through great content, it can help you connect to potential new clients and stronger relationships. Here at Bombora Media Agency, we want to make your vision come to life and guide you to get the best content marketing strategies for your specific industry and target market. We're here to make your life easier -- email us at to see how we can help.


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